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City Shelving have been serving our customers for 20 years now and you can be confident that we know what we are talking about. We wont discriminate against you either, if you just want office furniture like a desk or filing cabinet we will put the same effort into finding the right one for your needs as we do for a whole warehouse fit out which may include, racking, shelving, benches, cabinets, materials handling and safety products. We care about getting you the right product for the job

This experience enables us to quickly get to the root of your storage issues in order to gain efficiencies, utilize available space to maximize your storage potential……this is what we do. It comes natural to us. With high quality products and reputable brands our website is brimming with storage solutions for your perusal. Our helpful team members welcome your enquiries via the website or our toll free number with advice that you can trust.

If you are running out of space…'re at the right place!