Multi Drawer Unit

Measuring 1000m high x 720 wide and 570 deep this quality  cabinet features 7 drawers running on high load bearing runners. The drawers have dividers that allow for a mulitude of different compartments and also are a combination of heights. Fully lockable and with ergonomic handle and label facility this cabinet would be suitable for a wide range of end users 


Second hand mobile shelving

We have many used Mobile Shelving units in stock at the moment and stock items change every week as we sell and buy constantly.

We try to keep on top of showing current items but please call us to confirm availabiltiy and pricing. View the image gallery to see what is currently in stock 

Used Lateral filing cabinets

Featuring welded construction and oven baked grey or beige finish these brand name 2 and 3 drawer lateral filing cabinets wont last long. All drawers have anti tilt safety system and run on quality ball bearing runners and are set up for front to back filing only. Most of the cabinet come with keys and are lockable.


About Us | City Shelving

In 1993 City Shelving started its humble beginnings in Gilbert Street in the City of Adelaide. Just a few second hand desks, chairs and other items of office equipment graced its floors.  Only a short while later we began selling new products to supplement the second hand items. In just a few years City Shelving had outgrown the space available in Gilbert Street and has moved to progressively larger and better premises, to where we are now at 9 Sheffield Street Woodville North.

Quite a few of the originating members are still with the company now and the newer team members have a long history in the Shelving field. We still have a huge range of second hand shelving, racking and office equipment and have expanded the amount of new products to give us a range to cover just about all your shelving requirements. Commercial, Industrial and domestic; we have the storage solution to suit your needs. Our dedicated Installation teams are able to perform installations from smaller domestic orders to large commercial projects, with no fuss and meet all OH&S requirements.

Why don’t you peruse our new Website and see if you can find the product to solve your storage issues. Use the red “quote and query” icon located on every product page if you need help or if you’re interested in various items.  Simply click on the“contact us” icon to send us a message, or ring our Toll Free number 1800 83 84 85 and let one of our experienced and helpful sales staff help you find a solution to your shelving needs.

Do you remember when life was so much easier?

I certainly do……..

I recently found myself faced with the daunting task of looking for an item in a local Hardware Store. Not just any hardware store, but a megastore. No not a megastore, this was a Mega Megastore.

A mini city full of countless aisles and rows and stacked floor to ceiling with every possible widget you can imagine. Big, small, short & tall, red, blue, one or two. Like a verse from Dr Seuss, there was everything ‘including’ the kitchen sink.

This is a tale of epic journey, a trek that would take me no less than two hours. A journey where I asked not once but twice for directions and had to take a rest in the oasis of a café for a refreshment until I had gathered enough strength to go the remaining distance. 

As I stumbled through this industrial terrain, bumping into other meandering souls that looked as lost as I, I couldn’t help but remember back to my youth when a trip to the hardware store was simply that

“Going down to the Hardware Store, back in a few minutes”.

A place where you might be greeted by the owner of the store and talk about the weather or just about anything else before being helped with your problem. A place where you were gladly given free advice because after all, he was the expert.

And as the bell rung out behind you as door closed shut, you were faced with endless wooden shelves behind a solid wooden counter that looked more like a work bench than counter.

“Ah, those were the days”.

Now, you can purchase the entire catalogue of household products from kitchens to bathrooms, outdoor furniture to barbeques, and such a huge range of plants and pots its like being in the Amazon with a shopping trolley. The mind boggles as to the amount of products they stock.

If they were to sell grocery and clothing lines then all your shopping could be done at the one place although you may need to take annual leave to get it all done.

I remember when I was looking to buy a barbeque some years back and found myself in a popular barbeque outlet negotiating the price on a ‘4 Burner Barbeque’ and I quickly quipped to the Salesman…….. “The Hardware store have them cheaper” The Salesman almost fell over and spat the words out in disgust…”The Hardware store should stick to selling Hardware”

“How times have changed”

Nowadays even a Service Station provides you with all the grocery lines you will ever need. Oh and in case you need something for the car, well they’re located in the small row at the back of the store. Go figure.

As I step down from my podium, it’s a good feeling to know that some things haven’t changed. Take City Shelving for instance. They don’t do anything else. You won’t find milk and cookies here.

In fact, if you need any type of shelving at all, the guys at City Shelving don’t do anything else. That’s all they do. They stock shelving, talk about shelving, they even stand around the shelving talking about shelving. I guess that’s pretty much all they do.

Since their inception in 1993, City Shelving has grown from humble beginnings in Gilbert Street, Adelaide to a massive showroom and warehouse at 9 Sheffield Street Woodville North. But don’t worry, you can’t get lost here.

What sets City Shelving apart from the other shelving companies is that they can supply you with a single shelf or tackle an entire supermarket fit out. And because they supply to the trade, you can be assured that these products won’t flap around in the wind. As they say; they’re ‘Tonka Tuff’.

They’re quite liberal too. They won’t discriminate against you just because you don’t want  to purchase 60 bays of pallet racking for your warehouse, or fit out your new retail outlet, even though that’s where the majority of customers come from. City Shelving welcomes the domestic customer with open arms, just as long as you want to talk about shelving.

Now in fairness, they have diversified just a little. In their massive showroom you can find new or used desks, cupboards,filing cabinets, screens, lockers, and not to mention a huge range of shelving products. Perfect for the shed or garage. The range is massive and quality is a given. But the best thing about the guys at City Shelving is that they make you feel welcome and allow you plenty of time to browse around and explore the myriad of shelving and storage solutions on offer.

City Shelving has recently released a new shelving product called “Mini Span” into the market, and it’s literally been a runaway success. Essentially it is long span shelving that is available in widths ranging from 900mm wide up to 1800mm wide but also includes depths ranging from 400, 450 and 600mm.
Sales of this product have been tremendous as it’s suitable for both commercial, retail and the domestic end user. And the best thing is you can’t find it anywhere else.

Now there is one other thing that City Shelving does really really well and that’s build websites. Well not just anyone’s website, but certainly their own.

If you hop on the net and search for or you will be able to do a little research before you decide on what it that you need. On their websites, you will findvideo showing just how tough their products are and how easy they are to assemble. You will also find the entire range of sizes to ensure that you have exactly what you need.

And if all of this seems too hard, well they can deliver and install your selected products at a very reasonable rate too.

So when you have the need for some shelving and want to try somewhere that doesn’t do anything else, try City Shelving. They won’t check your oil but they will check you’re satisfied. Oh and one more thing………………………………………… they will want to talk about shelving.

As they say at City Shelving “Mini Span is the Storage and Shelving Dynamo”

Jack Vescovo - General Manager