Fischer Parts Trays - Benching - Binning

Fischer Parts Trays in many sizes with clip in dividers

Strong and durable, manufactured from tough light grey moulded polypropylene plastic these long lasting trays are water and oil resistant and also washable. With a convenient drawer front design these parts tray have the facility to fit up to 5 removable dividers per tray positioned to suit your needs and is supplied as standard with 2 dividers

Fitting most standard metal shelving, Fischer parts tray are ideal in industrial and domestic environments such as repair centres, automotive suppliers, electronic stores and garages just to name a few. All Fischer parts trays are 100mm high

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Dimensions Price Qty
1H-001 300L x 100W $6.60
1H-002 400L x 100W $7.70
1H-003 300L x 200W $9.90
1H-004 400L x 200W $11.55
1H-027 600L x 100W $13.20
1H-028 600L x 200W $16.50
1H-014 100W Dividers $0.55
1H-026 200W Dividers $0.95

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