Europa Grade III - Cabinets - Security

Europa provides the highest level of protection for cash and valuables to international standards

A high quality cash safe protecting cash within an office with a high level of security. Passive and active relockers are incorporated into the boltwork to resist attack with Chubbsafes special barrier material offering protection from varying types of burglary attacks. Each safe can be equpped with diferent fittings to maximise storage requirements and customised with a choice of locking options

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Dimensions Price Qty
Key Lock 4WKCL Size 3 $7,800.00
Key Lock 4WKCLSize 4 $8,720.00
Key Lock 4WKCL Size 5 $10,645.00
Key Lock 4WKCLSize 6 $13,620.00
Key Lock LG33E Size 3 $8,350.00
Key Lock LG33E Size 4 $10,105.00
Key Lock LG33E Size 5 $11,190.00
Key Lock LG33E Size 6 $14,295.00

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