Omega Deposit - Cabinets - Security

Omega deposit safes are designed to allow cash and valuables to be deposited in a secure environment without the need to open the safe. Digital or keylock options

Door is made from 10mm steel with 20mm diameter steel bolts securing the door with door bolts that operate in three directions. The body is made from 6mm steel. Ideal for retail outlets operating remotely from central areas and in multi-shift or out of hours environments where key holders are not always available and offers prevention of build-up of monies in the cash till. An anti-fishing device prevents deposits from being removed once deposited into the deposit chute. Omega Deposit comes in two lock options: Double bitted 8 lever key lock and a programmable electronic lock An anchoring kit is supplied so the safe can be securely base or rear fixed to resist unauthorised removal once installed.

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Dimensions Price Qty
Key Lock Size 1 $945.00
Key Lock Size 2 $1,165.00
Electronic Lock Size 1 $1,065.00
Electronic Lock Size 2 $1,280.00

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