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Pallet racking columns are vulnerable to damage from forklifts and can be protected with some of these easily fitted and economical protectors

The base of Pallet racking columns are the most exposed part of your racking system and as such can suffer irreparable damage mainly due to Forklift driver error. Whether it is by direct hit from a forklift tine or a pallet of goods being driven into the column the inevitable result is deformation. Pallet racking columns can be supporting many thousands of kilograms of weight depending on its application. Once the column has been deformed its weight carrying capacity may have been hugely reduced. Repairs or replacing racking columns can be very expensive and fitting protection can be an economic solution

We offer 2 different types of individual column protectors, a boot type suitable to be fitted to any random column and a corner type which is commonly used on the end of pallet rack bays. Manufactured from 5mm steel and finished in safety orange these protectors are fixed down using 4 mechanical or chemical anchors. 

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Boot type Protector $49.50
Corner Angle Protector $38.50

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