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Racking brand identification is key if you need to purchase additional racking components and are unsure of the brand of racking you currently own

Pallet Racking can be either metric or imperial which simply refers to the spacings of the keylock holes in the front of the racking column. Normally they are spaced either at 76.2mm (3 inches) pitch or 75mm. Sometimes racking is pitched at 50mm most commonly Brownbuilt or Schaefer. Another important factor is the width of the column face and 90mm wide is the the most widely available currently with 80mm wide examples still abundant in the market place. A frame depth of 840 is the most common as it accepts standard Chep pallets which key on the front and rear racking beams. Racking columns can also be found in varying metal gauges depending on the load it is required to carry

Please click through the image gallery to ascertain which type of racking you are currently using

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