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Longspan Shelving, strong, economical and adjustable

Longspan Shelving is the ideal solution for all of your warehouse or garage requirements. This easy to assemble shelving made from quality steel is infinitely adjustable. Frames heights range from 1800, 2400 and 3000mm and standard depths are 600, 900 and 1200mm. 1850mm wide beams are capable of loading up to 700kg and the 2460mm beams up to 500kg per pair. Longspan has a unique connector which allows bays to be added to existing units whilst keeping the same shelf level without the use of an extra frame. The beams are adjustable for arranging levels and heights according to the size of the product that you require to store in each bay. 18mm particle board is normally utilized as the shelf and can be screwed into place or be held captive by particle board retainers. In heaver load situations 25mm board with board supports or even mesh decking can be incorporated.


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Dimensions Price Qty
2400H x 1850W x 600D 3 levels $331.00
2400H x 1850W x 900D 3 levels $350.00
2400H x 1850W x 1200D 3 levels $379.00
2400H x 2460W x 600D 3 levels $373.00
2400H x 2460W x 900D 3 levels $405.00
2400H x 2460W x 1200D 3 levels $434.00
1850 x 50 beam (730kg UDL/level) $21.30
2460 x 50 beam (500kg UDL/level) $26.10
2460 x 80 beam (1000kg UDL/level) $47.50
1800H x 600D Frame $56.00
1800H x 900D Frame $61.00
1800H x 1200D Frame $66.00
2400H x 600D Frame $69.00
2400H x 900D Frame $73.00
2400H x 1200D Frame $78.00
3000H x 600D Frame $84.00
3000H x 900D Frame $89.00
3000H x 1200D Frame $95.00

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