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Mini Span is the storage and shelving dynamo! All steel adjustable product available in many sizes for commercial, industrial, retail and domestic applications

City Shelving’s Mini Span is the perfect solution when you need to store anything from small components to heavy cartons. Mini Span is fast and easy to assemble, and uses a modular design with an efficient lock-in system that requires no tools, giving you maximum storage within minutes. Mini Span shelves can be easily adjusted in 50mm increments to your requirements as stocking patterns change. Mini Span is an all steel product offering strength and durability. Blue or White frames and beams supporting White reinforced steel panels which slip into recessed beams for that flush finish. 1800mm wide beams @ 250kgUDL (Uniformly Distributed Load) per level. Load ratings increase as beam widths decrease. Mini Span is versatile and has a wide range of applications as shop shelving, supermarket shelves and for many different storage systems. It is ideal for archive storage, retail display, storerooms, office areas, and also for sheds and garages. In fact Mini Span has a use just about anywhere there is a storage problem to cure. Shelving and shelving systems have never been this easy to buy and assemble.

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Ideal for archive storage, retail display, storerooms, office areas and also for sheds.
Available in all White as well as Blue and White.
Shelving and shelving systems have never been this easy to buy and assemble.
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