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This Wide span bay of industrial shelving offers 2600mm of open storage space with sturdy recessed beams supporting particle board decks

Wide Span shelving bays offer storage potential in width spans of 2600mm and 2750mm. Standard bay heights of 1830mm and 2438mm with 76.2mm increment beam adjustability allows for maximum storage potential. This product utilizes stepped beams which hold the 18mm particle board deck captive and flush with the top of the beams and makes adjusting levels a simple operation.  With a bay depth of 610mm, Wide Span shelving bays will store an amazing amount of product and are rated to well over 2500kg per bay. 2600 beams are rated at 300kg UDL per level and the 2750 beams at 260kg UDL.



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Dimensions Price Qty
1830H x 2600W x 610D c/w 4 levels $520.00
1830H x 2750W x 610D c/w 4 levels $540.00
2438H x 2600W x 610D c/w 4 levels $550.00
2438H x 2750W x 610D c/w 4 levels $570.00
2600W Additional level $99.00
2750W Additional level $103.00
2600 wide beams $38.50
2750 wide beams $41.80
1830H x 610D frames $88.00
2438H x 610D frames $104.50

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