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South Australian Government (Repatriation General Hospital)

Thursday, Feb 14, 2013

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Repatriation General Hospital (RGH) is a 300 bed acute care public hospital specialising in the care of older people and veterans.
In 2006 the RGH requested City Shelving to advise and quote on a Mechanically Operated mobile shelving system at Daw Park.

After much consultation a unit was decided upon that would suit the needs of the RGH.
A 133 Bay system was ordered.
Dimensions were 2425 x 900 x 400 for each bay.
The unit required 152 x Uprights, 77 x Back panels and 1200 x Shelves.
A false floor was also installed using 22mm tongue and groove to keep the same level across the the floor of the unit, as the tracks for the mobiles had been cemented into the concrete floor.
The job was completed in 1 week by City Shelving installers.
City Shelving has also been a proud provider of all the RGH's steel office furniture needs for over 10 years.