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Food Processing Equipment (FPE)

Thursday, Apr 23, 2015

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Food Processing Equipment (FPE) is a leading supplier of food processing solutions and equipment. They provide Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Rim with the best expertise and state of the art technology to improve their client’s food processing procedures. Due to their success and expansion in Adelaide a raised storage area was required allowing them to gain efficiencies in their existing building.

After much consultation with FPE a final design was established and in April 2015 construction began. A pallet racking raised storage area was the best solution as it allowed for maximum storage potential beneath the floor. These racking bays were fitted out with 5 storage levels per bay using stepped beams and 18mm particle board decks. The upper level offered a generous 138 square metres of storage space and was complimented by load gates to allow pallets of stock to be placed on the floor. Some selective pallet racking was erected adjacent the floor and a full mesh barrier was fitted to the back of this racking to protect users on the floor from potential falling objects.  A fully compliant staircase and handrails were fitted and after a week’s work for 4 installers the project was completed. FPE had not only doubled their storage space but maximised their storage potential and were very pleased with the results.