Drive In Racking

Drive in racking in Adelaide by City Shelving

Drive in racking is a storage system designed to store a large amount of common or homogenous palletised goods in as little space as possible.

The whole concept of drive in racking is that it saves a lot of space compared to any other racking system if you are storing goods that are all the same.

End users of drive in racking would be businesses with many pallets of common goods that need to save space. Frozen foods producers and distribution centres would be users of this system due to the density of storage it is capable of.

Drive in racking consists of upright frames on which drive rail arms are bolted that in turn support the drive rails. These drive rails are where the pallets will be stored.

The upright frames are fixed to the floor and in most cases the base of the frames are protected from forklift damage with guide rails. These rails help prevent pallets from being driven into the frames which is a common occurrence with drive in racking systems.

The top of the upright frames are joined together using portal beams which provides some stability to the system and is usually reinforced with plan bracing. At the rear of the system is the spine bracing that offers lateral stability to the drive in racking system.


There are two common types of drive in racking – drive in systems and drive through systems.

The drive in system is only accessible from one end unless they are a designed in a back to back configuration for specific purposes. This means that if the system was to store 4 pallets high then you would have to drive in and load all the back pallets first from top to bottom and continue until the rack is full.

This system is often referred to as “LIFO” or last in first out. All this means is that the last pallet in will be the first pallet unloaded. This is ideal for product will a long product or shelf life. Most drive in racking in Adelaide is a drive in system.

The drive through system is configured so that there is clear access all the way through the lanes of the system. This system is often referred to as “FIFO” or first in first out which is an ideal solution for palletised product with a short product life. Loading is from one end of the system and unloading from the other end which means that the stock is always on the move

City Shelving has designed and installed a vast quantity of drive in racking in Adelaide over the years for many different product types. If this type of racking system would suit your situation then there are a few things to consider.

We would ask about the product that you intend to store and its product life to find out whether drive in or drive through is your best option. We would need to know the height and weight of the product stored on your pallets. Then there is the building that you are going to use as its dimensions will dictate the volume that can be stored.

Once we have these answers we can come up with a design that may be for example: 4 pallets high x 10 lanes wide and 6 pallets deep. A system like this will store 240 pallets and would occupy a space of approximately 6m high x 14.5m wide and 7.5m deep.

Now just don’t sit there after you’ve read this, if you think that you may be in need of a drive in racking system then act now! 

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