Are the bodies slowly stacking up around you?

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Does this look familiar to you?

I's saving you precious space isn't it?

Don't you hate it when your customers say......."I'll have the one at the bottom" or "Gee the roofs a bit caved in"

How about saving your precious space, having ease of access and keeping the cars in good condition?


Car cantilever racks are the ideal solution when you are running out space and not in a position to move to larger premises.

Why spread out when you can go up? Available fully galvanised for use outside or painted for indoor applications, car cantilever racks are capable of storing 2000kg per pair of arms.

These racks are custom ordered to suit the end users requirements giving you flexibility with height, bay width, arm length and load capacity. There is also the added advantage of the rack being able to be dismantled and moved to another premises if required.

So.....Maybe you may not need car cantilever racking?

Possibly your warehouse or storage areas may be looking like this. Spare parts getting time consuming or difficult to get to or completely lost altogether?

Are you saying to your self "I know I have some of them somewhere but I just cant seem to lay my hands on them at the moment"

City Shelving has a huge range of storage solutions to help you get organised and gain efficiences in your business.

Whether it is large parts, small parts  or even tiny parts we usually have the answers for these storage problems 
For large and small parts 







For smaller and tiny parts...




City Shelving has been trading since 1992 and are suppliers of all types of shelving and racking systems. In fact if you have any sort of storage problems then chances are that we will have a solution for you.

Visit to peruse the huge range of storage solutions on offer.

 Now that you know who we are and what we do, why put up with frustrating time consuming inferior storage systems?


Time to stop procrastinating and act now
Dont get left on the shelf
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