Getting ready for the solar power revolution


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A new report by Roy Morgan Research shows that home solar is continuing to grow in popularity despite cuts to incentives such as the feed-in tariff for selling solar-generated electricity back to the grid.

''People have twigged that electricity bills are going to keep going up for some time, and they've also worked out that the sun is going to come up tomorrow.''

''They are walking into solar shops with their power bills in their hands saying 'I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore"


While rooftop solar still requires some degree of grid supply at night, solar-plus-battery allows people to unplug from the grid completely.  In Hawaii (which has the world’s highest electricity bills), grid defection is rife. In Japan homes with wholly self-sufficient solar and storage systems account for 60% of leading home builder Sekisui House’s total orders. 

Clearly, if it’s cheaper to get clean reliable energy at home, staying connected to the grid doesn't make sense. If a large number of homes and businesses become self-sufficient, the chances of consumers moving off-grid are good in countries with lots of sunshine.  Millions of customers representing billions of dollars in utility sales are already defecting from the grid. 

Few can see a time when the bulk of the world’s power is generated by solar but what people are not seeing are the huge changes that are happening right now with energy storage.

What’s important is we are on the brink of new battery technology which will slash battery prices and make solar more affordable.

That’s the tipping point for investors.

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