1 litre per 2 square metres of floor space


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Did you know in Factories, Warehouses and Workshops that you can only store up to 1 litre of flammable or combustible liquids per 2 square metres of floor space?  


That means that you would need to have a room of 500 square metres to store no more than 250 litres of flammable or combustible liquids and be compliant with the Code of Practice 2012 relating to Managing Risks of Hazardous Chemicals in the Workplace.


Smaller quantities of up to 250 litres as described above are regarded as “Minor Storage” and are exempted from complying with certain criteria of the Code of Practice.


For quantities over that amount then flammable and combustible liquids must be properly stored in a separate store or Flammable Cabinet  with a maximum capacity of 850L that complies with AS1940-2004.


Besides offering a full range of shelving and racking solutions, City Shelving has a huge selection of cabinets including PBA Flammable Safety Storage Cabinets. PBA are the industry name in safety products and you can be assured of a high quality product that complies with Australian Standards.


Are you storing flammable or combustible liquids on your site?

Do you know how many litres you are storing?

If so, do you know whether it is being stored correctly as per the Code of Practice?


Want to know more? Log onto www.cityshelving.com.au and head to the Cabinets category or click on the Flammable cabinets link here. There you will find the full Code of Practice and well as AS1940-2004 that define practical guidance on how to manage risks associated with hazardous chemicals in the work place and who has duty of care.

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        AU 25302 - 160L $1825



        AU 25452 - 250L $2125



        AU 25701 - 250L $2925



        AU 25748 - 100L $1710


   AU 25304 - 110L $1580



    AU 25602 - 350L $2575



     AU 25712 - 60L $1280


     AU 25308 - 170L $1925



     AU 25662 - 250L $2680



       AU 25714 - 30L $1210


If you have any doubt.....act now!


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