Can't see the forest for the trees.....

I guess we've all been guilty at some stage of our lives where we become complacent in our work environment or even in our homes and garages. You see the same things every day and become immune to the seeming disarray of items that you own or stock.

You may seem to know where most things are and it is only when an outsider arrives and asks you how you find things that you may begin wonder.

There could many reasons why the situation has eventuated into what it is, but you can be sure that other people will view it as a jumbled and disorganised environment.

A customer arriving to collect their order on viewing a cluttered and messy warehouse would wonder if his order is correct or even if it is his order at all. A clean and organised business is a confidence builder for customers and staff members alike.

A manager seeing a dirty, messy warehouse may believe that their employees have lost pride in their work. Efficiency may be lacking or work procedures are failing and maybe revenue diminished as a result. To the employees it may come across that management don’t care about their work environment, staff morale or even company profitability.

Let’s face it….a clean, efficient warehouse environment shows that management cares about employee safety and wellbeing. This will also increase the efficiency and job satisfaction of the employee. 

A messy business environment not only creates safety hazards but decreases productivity and impacts on the profitability of the site. By utilizing efficient storage systems, clutter can be reduced and allow stock to kept out of aisles. This will reduce the amount of time stock needs to be moved to access other items and allow for stock control as you can easily view all your products.

Well, the government’s recent budget for small business may be the impetus your undertaking needs to become an efficient and profitable business.

Any business with an annual turnover of less than two million per annum can claim immediate tax deductions for as many sub $20,000 as they make until June 30th 2017. Any asset involved in running a business is covered by the scheme. With the end of this financial year only a few weeks away now is the time to act.

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