Why being on the level sometimes doesn't work

During my high school years I had a job at our local Foodland store. Two afternoons straight after school and a Saturday morning rewarded me with a princely sum of about $25. Doesn’t sound like much nowadays, but back then it was a lot of cash for a young lad my age.

It was pretty hard work too, packing and carrying groceries out to customers’ cars. We would price stock with ink stampers and fill shelves. The shift would end with a systematic sweeping and mopping of all the floors.

When you had free time the store manager would tell us to “face up stock”. We would then work down the aisles bringing all the stock to the front of the shelves. It was quite rewarding to see the rows of perfectly faced up stock like soldiers on parade standing to attention.

This was all great until those damn customers took stock off the shelves and ruined all my work. The initial reaction was to rush in and face it all up again but it didn’t take long for me to learn to walk away. If you didn’t, you could spend your whole time in attendance.......a slave to facing up stock.

Well that was 40 years ago. Nowadays when I walk into service stations, convenience stores or bottle shops and see all those fridge shelves with stock that need facing up I know there is much better way.

Want to know how simple that can be?


It’s easy......with this gravity fed Cool room drink rack.

Gravity faces all the stock up for you leaving a full looking fridge every time. Think of all the labour you can save on whilst having a fridge looking like this without having to constantly face up stock. Just let gravity do the work for you.

You won’t be muttering under your breath at customers every time they take drinks out of your fridge forcing you to face up stock.



You have existing fridge shelving and don’t think that the cool room rack will fit in your fridge.

Maybe you think it may be too expensive to outlay for new cool room racks.

How about if I told you there was an easy way to convert your existing fridge shelves to gravity feed in virtually minutes?

Easily done with the Retrofit Bottle Slide Kit.


All we need from you is the size of your existing fridge shelves and we will custom make the kit to suit your shelf.

The kit comes complete with a white or black slip mat customised to suit your shelves, shelf front, dividers and data strip. The shelf fronts and dividers are available in various heights to suit the products that you stock.

The gravity fed Cool room drink racks and the Retrofit bottle slide kit are both easy assembled and installed and most customers choose to do their own installation. City Shelving can come to site and install either system for you if required.


Clicking on the more information button will take you to the Cool room drink rack product category on our website.

There you can download pdf files on both options.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions at sales@cityshelving.com.au or on 8345 1266

Don’t be a slave to facing up stock for ever

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