Why colour can be vital to business


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Colour is one of the most important factors in nature that can have affects on human behavior. It has been proven that using colour in a public place can influence people and depending on the darkness or lightness, influences can be positive or negative.

Colour in our surroundings has a strong impact on our emotions and feelings and can either ease or create stress in our lives

Research has indicated that warm colours like red or orange can increase feelings of anxiety, excitement and distress. Cool colours like green can increase relaxed feelings making you more comfortable, calm and serene.

Ever wondered why you see so much green and white in Hospitals, clinics and generally any place that involves healthcare? 

Green symbolizes nature and is the easiest colour on the eye. Hospitals use green as it is a calming and refreshing colour that creates a relaxed environment that reduces stress. White on the other hand is considered to be a summer colour and in history brides have worn white to symbolize innocence and purity. Doctors and nurses wear white to imply sterility.

Shelving systems for pharmacy outlets and the like are mostly white as they indicate cleanliness, sterility and most importantly make your sale products stand out. White can disappear into the background or become a blank canvas for your products.

City Shelving’s all white Mini Span fits into this category with a vast range of different sizes offering storage and display for a multitude of product types. Just at home in a shop front situation as it is in a storeroom environment.  Mini Span with its modular design is fast and easy to assemble

Until we close on the 19th of December 2014 we are offering Mini Span at a massive 20% discount. That means a bay of Mini Span 2200mm high x 1800mm wide x 400mm deep with 4 levels as shown  will be discounted from $374 down to $299. 

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