This will shock you

Sometimes things are not what they appear to be.

I’m telling you this because I know that most people would want to save a few bucks given the opportunity, but there’s no point making a saving if you aren’t getting what you wanted.....right?

Buying used racking can be a bit like that. Businesses can make substantial savings purchasing used racking instead of new racking. Used pallet racking can be a cost effective solution or a costly disaster unless you fully understand the pros and cons.

There is really only one “pro” when it comes to used pallet racking. It is generally always cheaper than new pallet racking. Availability, quality, brand and demand can affect the price of used pallet racking which can rise and fall according to which of these factors are strongest at the time.

Now the “cons”

The quality of used pallet racking can never be guaranteed. It may appear to be in excellent condition but that may be deceiving as you may not be certain of how the racking has been used in its past life. The racking may have been overloaded or even stored outside allowing rust to form. Both of these factors can weaken the steel so that it can no longer support the loads that it was originally intended for.

What I am about to show you is shocking.

This used pallet racking beam is rated at 2000kg UDL per pair. This beam has been outside in the weather for about 18 months.

Looks ok really doesn’t it?

Just a little bit faded......


Now I’m going to cut it open!

I’ll bet you weren’t expecting this amount of rust and degradation would be possible.


Now have a look what came out of the other section of beam. 


This is one very important reason why it is imperative that you know the history of used pallet racking.

There are other “cons” to consider like most used pallet racking is not covered by a manufacturers guarantee. Also if you purchased an obscure brand, replacement parts may not be available to repair the inevitable damage that pallet racking sustains.

Quite often to fulfil an order a pallet racking dealer may convince you to mix brands in the same warehouse. It is recommended that you avoid this as it can lead to confusion with end users in relation to load carrying capacity. New racking is designed specifically for your requirements where in a lot of instances your requirements are skewed in order to fit in with the parameters of the used racking.

City Shelving only stocks quality products and that includes our used racking. If we don’t know its history then we don’t buy it. We would rather do you a better deal on new racking or shelving than supply you with an inadequate used solution.

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