Does being neat and tidy mean you are organised??

Spring is a symbol of rebirth or renewal

Referring to a season and originating in the 14th century “springing time” came about in reference to plants springing from the ground and was shortened to just spring in the 16th century.

The season of spring is normally associated with having a spring clean and this practice date’s way back. The Persian New Year which fell on the first day of spring would initiate the Iranian practice of “khooneh tekouni” that translates literally as “shaking the house”. 


The Chinese are also implicated in the practice of spring cleaning. They sweep the floors and clean their homes fastidiously to remove any bad luck or misfortune that had built up during the year in preparation of the New Year.

Science may even play a part in spring cleaning as it’s been proven that in winter we are exposed to smaller amounts of sunlight. This lack of light causes the pineal gland to produce the hormone melatonin that creates sleepiness in humans. The arrival of longer days and more sunlight allows us to escape from the melatonin induced sleepiness and get into a good spring clean.


Regardless of whether it is that time of year or you are facing an inspection or audit, one thing is for sure......spring cleaning increases productivity. By getting things organised a business can increase productivity and save time which as you know is money.

Now don’t get any ideas that just by neatening things up a bit that you have become organised. Being neat certainly doesn’t mean that you are organised

Being neat can mean everything looks orderly and has visual clarity but there is no system of stockholding.

Being organised is knowledge of where stock is, enabling efficiency and mental clarity.

Eg: Your storeman approaches you advising that stock of a certain product is critically low and you need to order some immediately. You get an order going promptly and the stock arrives the next day. The storeman bursts into your office and tells you that he has “found” the stock and that you don’t need to order any at all.

Sound familiar??


The storeman wasted time looking for “lost” stock.  Your time was then wasted ordering the stock and searching the warehouse for stock that the records indicated you were holding. The unneeded stock arrives as the storeman tells you that he has found the “lost” stock.

A complete waste of time and money!

This scenario could have been prevented if stock had been stored and catalogued on a shelving system like City Shelving’s Mini Span. 

Mini Span is the perfect solution when you need to store anything from small components to heavy cartons and is an all steel product offering strength and durability.

Mini Span is fast and easy to assemble, and uses a modular design with an efficient lock-in system that requires no tools, giving you maximum storage within minutes. Mini Span shelves can be easily adjusted in 50mm increments to suit your requirements as stocking patterns change.

Mini Span is very versatile, being available in a huge range of sizes to suit a wide range of applications. It is ideal for archive storage, retail display, supermarkets, storerooms, warehouses, office areas, and also for sheds and garages. 


In fact, Mini Span has a use just about anywhere there is a storage problem to cure.

So get into spring, the time of growth, of new life being born or even the start of more profitable times to come and get your business organised.

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