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Councils have well over 100 authorised Environmental Health Officers that conducted inspections on 8,010 of the 11,619 food businesses in 2011 – 2012.

That means there is a 70% chance that your business could be one of them

The majority of enforcement actions in the Food Industry sector were directed at Takeaways (106), Hotels/Pubs/Taverns (105), Restaurants (97) and Cafes (73)

The number of written warnings was well over 2000 with nearly half of these warnings due to Cleanliness and Cleaning/Sanitising

Local Government and SA Health are responsible for routine inspections for Food Industry compliance within the Code.

In most cases, a number of factors contributed to the food safety of the business breaking down, but cross contamination, storage and cleaning were prominent issues in a high proportion of case as shown in fig 1 below.

Storage conditions and Cleaning account for 36%. Cross Contamination 25%


According to the Food Standard:

“Food businesses are required to ensure that their food premises, fixtures, fittings, equipment and transport vehicles are designed and constructed to be cleaned and, where necessary, sanitised”

“Fixtures and fittings must be designed, constructed, located and installed so there is no likelihood that they will cause food contamination and they are able to be easily and effectively cleaned”

“The food contact surfaces of fixtures, fittings and equipment must be able to be easily and effectively cleaned and, if necessary, sanitised if there is likelihood that they will cause food contamination”

“Sanitise means to apply heat or chemicals, heat and chemicals, or other processes, to a surface so that the number of microorganisms on the surface is reduced to a level that, does not compromise the safety of food with which it may come into contact; and does not permit the transmission of infectious disease”

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