Mini Span

Running out of space for storage?

City Shelving’s MiniSpan is the perfect solution when you need to store anything from small components to heavy cartons.

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Thursday, Nov 6, 2014

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Hi Jack. Thanks for arranging my new Work Bench & Mini Span.
I've finally got around to assembling them, and they look a treat. Very easy to assemble.

Finally my tools & camping gear have a Home!

You were right - I can’t believe how sturdy and solid the Work Bench is. Particularly with the thicker Bench top upgrade.

It just reinforced my decision to pick quality over the flimsy cheap ones I saw at the Hardware store.

I am the envy of my mates when they enter the Man Cave… they’ll be beating a path to your door…!

The Mini Span is awesome, although nowhere near as interesting as my new Work Bench!

Here’s a picture:

Thanks again – I’ll be spreading the word.




Daniel Navacchi

Now Global Logistics